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Patrick Riehecky

Fermi Linux

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installation 2012-01-24
Upgrade to Latest slf6x 2012-11-14
Upgrade to the latest SLF6 2012-07-16
SLF 6.2 2012-06-05
SLF 6.1 2012-01-24
2012-10-31-udev.pdf 2007-01-30
inotify 2012-08-30
AugeasTaskset 2012-08-30
2012-01-25 kmod 4k sectors.odp 2012-07-25
2012-02-29 xargs iotop upstart firefox10.odp 2012-07-25
SLF 6 2012-01-24
SLF 57 2008-01-25
riehecky 2011-09-13
News Item
SLF4 End of Life 2012-03-01
SLF 4 End Of Life in less than 2 weeks 2012-02-15
SLF4 End Of Life in 3 months 2011-11-30
Scientific Linux Fermi 5.7 released 2011-11-30
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