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SLF Distribution Roadmap

by Troy Dawson last modified 2010-08-27 14:38
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This page is to give a overview of what releases Scientific Linux Fermi has released, and what they plan on releasing. It also gives the support periods for each of these releases.

Support Statement

Scientific Linux Fermi plans to do security updates for at least 4 years from the initial release of the Vendors Enterprise product. When we get close to the end of that four years we will make a more exact date.

Scientific Linux Fermi 3.0.x

Release Arch Notes Released Date End Support Date
LTS 301 i386 2004-01-26 2007-10-31
LTS 303 i386,x86_64 2004-10-01
LTS 304 i386,x86_64 2005-02-22
LTS 305 i386,x86_64 2005-08-29
LTS 308 i386,x86_64 2006-10-31
LTS 309 i386,x86_64 codename:
legacy *
2007-10-26 2010-10-10
* - This release was trimmed down some to reduce the support load on developers.

Scientific Linux Fermi 4.x

Release Arch Notes Released Date End Support Date
SLF 41 i386,x86_64 2005-09-20 2012-02-02
SLF 42 i386,x86_64 2006-01-25
SLF 44 i386,x86_64 2006-10-25
SLF 45 i386,x86_64 2007-07-20
SLF 46 i386,x86_64 2008-03-24
SLF 48 i386,x86_64 2010-01-08
SLF 49 * i386,x86_64 2011-??
* - release of SLF 4.9 depends on when the Vendors Enterprise Update 9 comes out.

Scientific Linux 5.x

Release Arch Notes Released Date End Support Date
SLF 50 i386,x86_64 2007-08-10 at least until
SLF 51 i386,x86_64 2008-02-21
SLF 52 i386,x86_64 2008-07-17
SLF 53 i386,x86_64 2009-04-01
SLF 54 i386,x86_64 2010-02-08
55 i386,x86_64 2010-06-18
56 i386,x86_64 ???? *
Others **
* - release of SLF 5.6 depends on when the Vendors Enterprise Update 6 comes out.
** - At the time of this writting we do not know how many releases of S.L. 5.x we will be doing.

There is a caveat to the above roadmaps. This is just a plan. We do not, and cannot, guarantee our plan. There are too many factors for us to guarantee it. One of the possibilities is that the source rpm's from the Vendors Enterprise release will become unavailable. There are other factors that also may prevent a guarantee.

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