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SL 5.x Pre-Installation Checklist

by Troy Dawson last modified 2008-12-09 11:36
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Installation Media

Network Setup

This is a must if you are doing a network install. It is optional if you are doing a CD or DVD install.

  • DHCP
    This is where a IP address and hostname get assigned to your machine for a limited time. Most laptops work this way, where you just plug in your computer and you automatically are on the network. If you will be using DHCP during the install, you do not need to figure out your IP address, it will be detected and used automatically.
    NOTE: If your computer's network card is not registered with Networking, and you attempt to do a DHCP network install at Fermilab, you will not be able to reach the distribution servers. You will get an error saying that it could not find the distribution and ask you where the distribution is.
    You MUST have your machine registered with networking to do a DHCP network install onsite.
  • Static IP Address
    Using a static IP address is the prefered way to network desktop and server machines. You will need to get a IP address from the DataComm Group. This generally takes a day to get into the system.
    The MAC (hardware) address of the ethernet card is needed in order to get a IP address.
    • We are currently determining the easiest way to obtain the MAC address. When we do we will have those instructions here.
    DataComm will supply you with your IP address, along with other information. During the install you will need
    • The IP address (suppliedby DataComm).
    • The network Netmask (suppliedby DataComm with the IP address).
    • The network Default Gateway IP address (supplied by DataComm with the IP address).

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