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Even Scientific Linux Fermi has limitations. This is the list found in Scientific Linux Fermi 5.2

We strive for perfection. Any goal less than that is sortof silly. But we are also realistic. Not everything is going to be perfect. This page documents what we know is broken, or not living up to it's potential.


The smartctl tool cannot properly read SMART parameters from SATA devices.

Cisco wireless during install

Laptops equipped with the Cisco Aironet MPI-350 wireless may hang trying to get a DHCP address during any network-based installation using the wired ethernet port.

To work around this, use local media for your installation. Alternatively, you can disable the wireless card in the laptop BIOS prior to installation (you can re-enable the wireless card after completing the installation).


Removable storage devices (such as CDs and DVDs) do not automatically mount when you are logged in as root, or in a non graphical enviroment. If you are in a graphical enviroment, you will need to manually mount the device through the graphical file manager.

Alternatively, you can run the following command to mount a device to /media:

mount /dev/[device name] /media

X resolution

When running the bare-metal (non-Virtualized) kernel, the X server may not be able to retrieve EDID information from the monitor. When this occurs, the graphics driver will be unable to display resolutions highers than 800x600.

To work around this, add the following line to the ServerLayout section of /etc/X11/xorg.conf:

Option "Int10Backend" "x86emu"

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