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Tweak RPM's

by Troy Dawson last modified 2010-02-08 16:24
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Publish Troy Dawson 2008-02-26 14:29 No comments.

Tweak RPM's can be added to change a feature without disturbing the rest of the release

The generic Scientific Linux rpm's start with SL_ The tweak rpm's specific to Fermilab start with zz_

Summary: Remove the exclude of the kernel from the nightly autoyum thus allowing the kernel to be upgraded via the nightly yum.
Not installed by default

Summary: Enables screen lock with "blanking" screen saver so power saving monitors will go into sleep mode. Ensures that the Timeout value is 15 minutes or less. Preserves existing values if they are less than required minimum value.
Installed by default if KDE is installed

Summary: Change /etc/syslog.conf to log to
Not installed by default

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