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When and How to Create and Maintain a Workgroup

When do you want to do this?
If you have a group of computers where you want them all to be the same after an install.

When do NOT want to do this?
If you just have one computer or just a few computers and/or you don't really care if they are all similar.


How to pick a "rolling" release instead of the standard release
When you get a network install cd, even if you are getting it from the rolling area, it points to the standard release (such as lts45). To actually get the rolling release, you have to tell it at the boot prompt. So, instead of just hitting return, or typing "linux" you would type the following ...
lts30rolling - "nfsrolling"
lts4rolling - "ftprolling" (prefered) or "nfsrolling"
slf5rolling - "httprolling" (prefered), "nfsrolling", or "ftprolling" (ftprolling is slow)

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