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Fermi Linux Mail Lists

by Troy Dawson last modified 2007-11-01 09:00
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A mailling list for for people affilicated with Fermilab to send in their Linux questions, comments, and concerns.
Only people subscribed to this list can post to it.
List archives


Announcements concerning Scientific Linux Fermi, or events relating to linux at Fermilab.
This list is for various announcements, such as new releases. This is designed to be a low volume mailling list.
Security errata announcements will not go to this mailling list.
You cannot post to this list.
List archives


Security Errata Announcements for Scientific Linux Fermi.
This list will only have announcements for security errata on it.
You cannot post to this list.
List archives

How to subscribe

Send mail to
When the mail window comes up, leave the subject line blank, and enter the one of the following lines as your message body

subscribe linux-users
subscribe linux-users-announce
subscribe linux-errata

Subscriptions to linux-users are done by hand. When you request to subscribe, if your e-mail address isn't an obvious fermilab e-mail address, you will be asked what your affiliation with Fermilab is. Do not be alarmed. If you are with some experiment, or university that supports an experiment, just let us know.
If you really don't have anything to do with Fermilab, but just need some linux question answered, that is what the generic Scientific Linux mailling lists are for.

Old Archives

The linux-users archive prior to Jan. 1, 2000 can be found here.
The archive from Jan 1,2000 to February 5,2001 is here

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