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Legacy Mode for SLF3

by Troy Dawson last modified 2007-11-27 12:34

Questions regarding "Legacy Mode" for Scientific Linux Fermi 3

Q. Firefox and Thunderbird are not in SL 309. What will happen when there is a security errata for them after the transition starts on December 1, 2007?

A. We are creating a "blank" thunderbird and firefox rpm. These blank rpm's will require that seamonkey is installed (and seamonkey-mail for thunderbird). The only thing in these blank rpm's will be a link that redirects thunderbird or firefox to seamonkey.
At the next security update for firefox or thunderbird, after the transition starts, we will release these blank rpm's instead of the security errata. These rpm's will automatically ensure that seamonkey is installed, and a user will begin their transition to using seamonkey.

Q. How can I upgrade to SLF 309 right now?

A. There is a entry in "tips and tricks" on "How to Upgrade LTS 3.0.x to the latest 3.0.x via yum

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